Nalbinding for Beginners

By Emma ‘Bruni’ Boast

Nalbinding is the Viking-Age term for single-needle knitting. A traditional wool craft that would be used to make woollen hats, socks, gloves and mittens. People would be taught this skill in-person and use different stitches to create varied textile patterns and thickness.

I’ve been passionate about the Viking Age for as long as I can recall. I decided to use my skills and specialist knowledge as a Viking archaeologist to create a book which would teach people the starting skills of this historical craft and give them confidence to try. As well as a book, I have created the first ever Starter Kit so that anyone can pick it up and give nalbinding a go.


I am launching my book and kit at the Jorvik Viking Festival in York on the 16th-18th February. For those at the festival, I’ll be selling the books for £25 – and signing them too!

After the launch the book and kit will be available for purchase from Nidavellnir’s Etsy store.

Click here to buy this starter kit on Etsy

The Kit includes:

  • Nalbinding for Beginners‘ by Emma ‘Bruni’ Boast. This book contains 34-page spread of photographs and guidance. This book will enable you to learn, practise and develop this form of Viking-Age knitting with ease. An easy-to-follow photo guide with explanations along the way. Enjoy this traditional craft and study at your own pace!
  •  2 x 50g Balls of 100% British Wool Yarn in a Moss Green colour. This wool will enable people to practice the beginners stitch. The wool included is enough for people to make a viking hat, pair of fingers mittens or full closed mittens
  •  1 x Bone Nalbinding Needle (ethically sourced). Based on archaeological finds.

You can also learn more about this medieval craft on my Facebook page: Nidavellnir

Nalbinded Viking Hat

Emma ‘Bruni’ Boast is a Viking Age Archaeologist and historian based in York.