Koroneburg Renaissance Festival Returns!

Koroneburg Renaissance Festival is excited to once again open its doors on weekends starting May 27 through June 25, 2017 after several years of being shuttered. Thanks to new management, Koroneburg Renaissance Festival has been revitalized in order to offer the most interactive history faire experience in communities adjacent to Los Angeles, California.

“Our goal is to bring back this wonderful festival and make it bigger and better than ever,” says Riverview Recreation Park, LLC owner David Pulcifer. “We want people to experience the Renaissance through real audience-participation.”

With a hefty line-up of “guilds,” various performing troupes represent trades and skills from 1450-1725 a.d. The guild members encourage visitors to experience the lifestyle of blacksmiths, archers, soldiers, mercenaries, printers, brewers, bakers, weavers, and other craftsmen.

Riverview Recreation Park, LLC purchased the festival in the hopes of restoring a once great festival into a one-of-a-kind gem. Riverview Recreation Park is owned by David Pulcifer, Basem Chaikhouni, and Rick McCoy. The company was founded in order to develop the home of Koroneburg Renaissance Festival in Corona, CA, offering interactive events for the community throughout the entire year. Learn more about their other events at

“What sets us apart from most of the Renaissance and history faires in North America is our setting the faire in Germany. Most events base their characters and sets in 16th century England, around Queen Elizabeth.” said Pulcifer in an interview with “Koroneburg is set in Germany in the early 16th century, with the Baron von Lauffer as the host. We’ve really aimed to get this event back on its feet with a boom by having a big range of activities and demonstrations. We’re also going to offer themed weekends, to keep it interesting and hopefully offer something for everyone.”

As the only permanently built Renaissance faire in Southern California since 1997, the Koroneburg Renaissance Festival features a unique and busy historical village full of shops and a grand tourney field. This allows the facility to invest in careful construction and plan for future development. It also allows for a multi-use facility with a year-round application in Southern California’s balmy weather.

Enjoy shopping for handmade goods, listening to folk music, or spend the day experiencing history thanks to the festival’s new interactive games and demonstrations. Activities include juggling, magic shows, jousting, swordplay, visits to the baker, falconry displays, a live forge, musical acts, armor explanations, archery competitions, a Captain’s Savvy Sing-a-long, a scavenger hunt, the firing of a trebuchet, and more.

Koroneburg Renaissance Festival began on May 27 and runs on consecutive weekends until June 25. The festival is located at Riverview Recreation Park in Corona, CA. Tickets can be purchased at or on-site during the festival.




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