World Championships in medieval combat comes to Denmark

The 2017 World Championships in medieval combat will be held in Denmark later this week. Over 500 fighters from 28 different countries will be taking part.

The event is taking place at Spøttrup Castle, a well-preserved 16th century fortress, and is part of the line-up for European Capital of Culture Aarhus 2017. The medieval combat will include one-on-one contests to large skirmishes, where teams of 16 people fight with swords, axes, clubs and warhammers.


Whilst the championships take place, the parkland around Spøttrup Castle will be converted into a Medieval market, selling everything from chain mail to mead. At the castle one can experience the entertainment up close while discovering some medieval gourmet as a real warrior, to the sounds of wild battle cries and metal on metal.

The world championships takes place from May 25-28. For more information, please visit


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