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Battle of Nations – Historical Reenactment Tournament

The second international festival on historical reenactment “Battle of Nations” is taking place at the Khotyn Fortress in western Ukraine on April 30th to May 3rd. is pleased to be able to offer live-streaming of this event.

The first festival which was held in 2010 at the Khotyn Fortress has gained popularity among foreign tourists and participants.


The most anticipated event of the expected festival is the historical medieval battle (HMB) competition. This is a realistic full-contact knights combat that includes massive clashes between the international teams. The fighters use restored medieval weapons, outfits and armors (handmade or forged on authentic medieval models). Rules of the fighting competitions and tournaments matches aim to be close to authentic medieval combat.

During the festival the dozens of combats including full-contact fighting “1 on 1”, “5 on 5”, and “21 on 21” are expected. More than 200 knights will represent international teams. The archery tournament will take place as well. The participants will compete on bows and crossbows which are similar to those of XI-XVII centuries. Consequently, the visitors of the festival are going to see that the Historical Medieval Fighting Championship is one of the most exciting activities in historical reenactment.

Historical reenactment is intended to revive interest of younger generations in the history and sports of the Middle Ages, promote communication and cultural exchange between people.


In 2010 the National teams from the Belarus, Poland, Russia, Ukraine and other countries attended the festival “Battle of Nations”. Therefore, the festival grew into the world championship on historical medieval battle. Moreover, the festival drew the international interest to the Khotyn and the Khotyn fortress.

This year’s program is planned to be even more intense with national teams from Germany, Italy, and Canada joining the list of participants. Last year’s event drew 25 000 visitors, and this year’s event expects to increase the turnout to 30 000.

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