Medieval Warfare Magazine – Volume 6 Issue 2

Medieval Warfare Magazine – Volume 6 Issue 2A new issue of Medieval Warfare Magazine is about to hit the shelves. The theme for this issue is the War of the Sicilian Vespers.

Articles include:

  • Jona Lendering, ‘Historical introduction’
  • Marc DeSantis, ‘Of oars and men: ships of the thirteenth century Angevin navy’
  • Arnold Blumberg, ‘An unjust and unnecessary enterprise: the crusade against Aragon’
  • Robert Holmes, ‘Men of the setting sun: Italian and Sicilian armies, ca. 1282–1302’
  • William E. Welsh, ‘Papal strongman: Charles of Anjou’
  • Daniel Mersey, ‘Pageantry in plaster: dueling knights, ca. 1282’
  • Alberto Raúl Esteban Ribas, ‘The challenge of Bordeaux: Peter of Aragon versus Charles of Anjou’

You can also read non-theme-related articles, including:

  • Richard Kroes, ‘Karbala: a battle revisited’
  • David Balfour, ‘A queen and an empress at odds: the War of the Two Mathildas’
  • Jonathan Sneddon, ‘The gateway to England: the Siege of Caerlaverock Castle’
  • Mike Ingram, ‘A brave defiance: the Battle of Shrewsbury’
  • Sidney Dean, ‘Scottish profiles in leadership: William Wallace and Robert the Bruce’

Going forward, Medieval Warfare will also have a new department called ‘Movie Knights’. Similar to the ‘Hollywood Romans’ segment in Ancient Warfare, it deals with the portrayal of the Middle Ages in film. The first instalment is written by Murray Dahm and deals with depictions of King Arthur. Obviously, that subject is so vast that it couldn’t be dealt with exhaustively, so the second part of that article will be published in issue VI-3.

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