Medieval Warfare Magazine – Volume 6 Issue 3

medieval warfare magazine 2016This summer you can read about the so-called ‘Last War of Antiquity’. The theme of the latest issue of Medieval Warfare is the Byzantine-Sassanid War of the seventh-century.

Articles include:

Bitter Rivals: The Byzantine-Sassanid Wars, by William Welsh

Fields of Byzantium: Justinian’s army at war, by Haggai Olshanetsky

What inspired Khosrow? Historical background of the 602–628 war, by Daan Nijssen

Byzantium’s Pyrrhic victory: Battle of Nineveh, 12 December AD 627, by Sidney E. Dean

Learning from the enemy: The Strategikon and the Sassanids, by Murray Dahm

Arming the knights of the Shahs: Arms and armour of Sasanian Iran, by Nadeem Ahmad

You can also read non-theme-related articles, including:

Draw of the bow: Comparing archers of Japan and Britain, by Owen Rees

Bishops in Livonia: Crusades in the medieval Baltic region, by Artis Aboltins and Santa Jansone

More like lions than men: The Battle of Loch Lochy, AD 1544, by Ross Cowan

In his introduction to the conflict William Welsh writes:

From the ashes of the Parthian Empire, laid waste by Roman legions in AD 224, emerged a more aggressive successor state. The Sasanian kings were as skilled at diplomacy as they were at warfare. In the late fifth century, the Sasanians began a series of protracted wars with the Byzantines along their heavily fortified common border. After a string of limited wars on the frontier, the rivalry exploded into total war.

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