Global Approaches to the Middle Ages

Global Approaches to the Middle Ages

Panel discussion with Carol Symes (University of Illinois), James Barrett (University of Cambridge), and Elizabeth Lambourn (De Montfort University, Leicester). Chris Wickham (University of Oxford) and Nicholas Vincent University of East Anglia)

Held in London on February 26, 2015

This interdisciplinary panel discussion marks the appearance of the new journal The Medieval Globe.

The concept of ‘the medieval’ has long been essential to global imperial ventures, nationalist ideologies, and the discourse of modernity. Yet the projects enabled by this powerful construct have essentially hindered investigation of the world’s interconnected territories during a millennium of movement and exchange. The mission of The Medieval Globe is to reclaim this ‘middle age’ and to place it at the center of global studies. The Medieval Globe accordingly provides an interdisciplinary forum for scholars of all world areas by focusing on convergence, movement, and interdependence. It advances a new theory and praxis of medieval studies by bringing into view phenomena that have been rendered practically or conceptually invisible by anachronistic boundaries, categories, and expectations: polities, networks, affinity groups, artistic influences, identities, bodies of knowledge, faiths, and forms of association. The Medieval Globe also broadens discussion of the ways that medieval processes inform the global present and shape visions of the future.


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