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Natasha Mira finds her voice with Medieval Pop

With a voice that can change from beautifully gentle to emotionally powerful, Natasha Mira sings about life and love. Inspired by the Middle Ages and TV shows like Game of Thrones and Reign, Natasha has created her own genre: Medieval Pop. In the coming months and years she hopes to share her music and find an audience that will enjoy as much listening to this style as she did in making it.

Asked what ‘Medieval Pop’ is, Mira explains “think Hans Zimmer meets Evanescence meets Ellie Goulding. I strive for a cinematic larger than life sound, that is emotional and powerful, yet is still commercial and radio-friendly. The medieval aspect comes to play in the tonality of the songs I write, the lyrics, the visual story telling through my videos, and the orchestration of my singles some of which include regal-sounding instrumentation with tons of strings, lutes, harps, flutes, horns, thanks to my amazing producer Jerry Jones.”

The 20-year-old Californian has known since childhood that she wanted to be in the music business. During her teenage years, Natasha went through a number of styles, ranging from dark rock to folk, as she looked to find her own musical voice. The idea of ‘medieval pop’ came to her about a year ago, as she realized that she could mix her love of this historical era with her own musical talents. Natasha notes that in her earlier phases, “I always felt like I was pretending to be something I was not. I compromised with myself saying I was creating a ‘persona’ or an ‘alter ego’ that was the stage version of me…now, I can finally say I feel at home with Medieval Pop as a sound and a brand that is 100% honest with myself.”

Natasha Mira

In recent years, the Middle Ages and historical fantasy are proving to be hit with audiences through a number of successful films, TV shows, games and books. “There is just something beautiful and timeless about kingdoms, chivalry, magic, and royalty that gives us a fantasy escape,” Natasha says. Inspired, she set out to create the ‘Medieval Pop’ sound, something that no other artist has tried but which she thinks can find a mass appeal.

It was only a few days ago that Natasha finished filming her first official music video for the song ‘Abracadabra’. She explains she took a very hands-on role in creating the video: “My concept for the shoot played out like a movie in my head and for months on end I worked almost every day creating a production schedule that documented the scene-by-scene vision I had in mind. I would spend hours online searching for exactly the right images as ‘test shots’ to put as vivid a description as I possibly could so my Director, Hunter Peterson, and Cinematographer, Tommie Tyhefe, could see the story through my eyes. I have to say, on the day of shooting eight months later, this video has embodied exactly the vision I had in mind.”

Natasha being filmed for her first video shoot
Natasha being filmed for her first video shoot

Natasha’s interest in music is not confined to being in front of the microphone – she currently attends the University of Southern California, studying towards a Bachelor of Science Degree in Music Industry. It is helping her learn more about how to work in the music business and see how she can better market herself. Natasha and her team member Elana Nicole Moline have also started Type A Entertainment, a company that will provide styling, design, and executive production consulting services for other artists.

Meanwhile, Natasha is set to continuing to release her music and grow her fanbase. While she might have a bright future ahead of her, Natasha says, “I think I’ve always come from a place where ‘becoming a star’ was not my priority, but rather just to collaborate with other creative artists, share my creations, and hope to one day reach an audience that spans as far and as wide as I possibly can.”

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Natasha would like to thank some of the great people who have dedicated their time and energy to further her career: Zachary Roozen, Trevor and Gabby Shor, makeup artist Jessica Krohn, her mentor and boss Cheryl Freeman, her producers Jerry Jones and Kidd Genius, her business partner Elana Nicole Moline, and her mother Ilona Europa!

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