Anesthesia Drugs in the Medieval Muslim Era

Mandrake Anesthesia Drugs in the Medieval Muslim Era

Dr. Ali Muhammad Bhat (Dept. of Islamic Studies IUST Awantipora Pulwama Srinagar Jammu and Kashmir 192122)

International Journal of Scientific & Engineering Research: Volume 4, Issue3, March (2013)


Pain is difficult to measure in humans because it has an emotional or psychological as well as a physical component. Some people express extreme discomfort from relatively small injuries, while others show little or no pain even after suffering severe injury. The signals that warn the body tissue damage are transmitted through the nervous system. In this system, the basic unit is the nerve cell or neuron. Each nerve cell meets other nerve cells at certain points on the axons and dendrites, forming a dense network of interconnected nerve fibers that transmit sensory information about touch, pressure, or warmth, as well as pain. Sensory information is transmitted from the different parts of the body to the brain via spinal cord. To overcome pain different types of drugs were used from the very earlier period to restrict the nerve signals for some time in order to provide relief to the patient. At present highly modified drugs are prescribed to ease pain whether at the time of surgery or feeling any kind of pain in the body. In order to highlight the significance of medieval medicine prescribed to ease pain and save human beings from side effects, this topic has great significance in the contemporary era.


Science and medicine belong to no ethnic or national group. Of the countless scientific discoveries made by man, medical discovery are the outline of the many partial contributions made by forerunners throughout the ages. These discoveries are related to universal facts. Countless human sufferings whether psychological or physical needs Medicare in order to provide relief to human beings. Pain is a one-sided occurrence which necessitates the presence of consciousness. It is the sensation which is experienced by Consciousness. From the ages people are in search of pain relieving drugs. Over the ages there has been a demand for techniques in order to endow with relief from different kinds of pains. This whole process has been entitled as anesthesia and analgesics. Anesthesia means absence of physical sensation in part or all of the body. The term more commonly refers to a reversible condition that is stimulated using anesthetic drugs. These drugs may be injected, gulp, or applied directly to the surface of the body.

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