Living History in an Early 14th Century Castle

Living History in an Early 14th Century Castle

By Sven-Hinrich Siemers

EuroREA, Vol.3 (2006)

Bachritterburg (reconstruction of a medieval castle), Kanzach, Baden-Württemberg, Germany. Photo by Frank Sautter

Introduction: In the small German village of Kanzach, population 504, a unique project has become reality, the complete reconstruction of a wooden castle with its tower, agricultural houses, furniture and various items from its daily life. Run by the village through Bachritterburg Kanzach (a member of EXARC), this reconstruction was made possible with the assistance of Baden Württemberg’s government and the EU’s LEADER-program, which has created a landscape of archaeological museums.

The idea was conceived by Karl Banghard, now director of AFM Oerlinghausen (EXARC member). At the end of the last century, while reconstructing prehistoric houses at the Federseemuseum in Bad Buchau(4) (6 km from Kanzach), Banghard regularly drove by the castle-mound of Kanzach. One day, he asked Rudolf Obert, the mayor of Kanzach, if he was interested in rebuilding the castle – 600 years after it had burnt down. And so the idea was conceived.

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