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The Borgias – Review of Season 3 Episode 3: Siblings

“Impress me with not the love of your city, but with your love for my sister” ~ Cesare

These are words to live by in this episode of The Borgias. Negotiations, marriage, deadly plots and forbidden love are all par for the course this week. It seems nobody can have a normal day in the Borgia household.

The Borgias - Review of Season 3 Episode 3: Siblings

Cesare once again begs Rodrigo for command of the Papal armies, meanwhile, in Florence, Katerina Sforza’s henchman comes to see various members of the other Romana families to once again try to get them to band together. The failed assassination has lessened their interest in such plots and they don’t want to take further risk after Rodrigo has punished many of them via their Cardinal relatives. However, Sforza has proof that the Papal armies of Rome are weak and it gives the families hope to once again go against the Borgias.

“Do you not see that even the impression of weakness, begets weakness?” ~ Rodrigo

Cesare travels to Naples to sort out his sister’s marriage arrangements and scope out the nature of the alliance between Rome and Naples. It appears that Naples is worse for wear after the French armies left. Micholetto goes to examine the armoury and is disappointed at the poor state of everything, it seems the 10,000 men promised to Rodrigo looks more like myth than reality. This leaves Cesare concerned with the type of ally they are getting from this wedding proposal. Cesare argues for Lucrezia’s son to be able to accompany her but the King of Naples doesn’t want to accept him because he is a bastard and would sully his family name. Cesare turns his anger towards Alfonso for not defending Lucrezia during the argument with the King. Alfonso has gone from a sweet, naive suitor to an annoying, pretentious and spineless husband for Lucrezia. He’s definitely not Borgia material.

The Duke of Aquitaine, ambassador of Louis XII, comes to see Rodrigo about Louis’s unfortunate marriage match. She is apparently extremely ugly and more than likely barren. He wants an annulment from Rodrigo. This adds some extra maneuvering for the strapped family in case things go south with Naples.

The Borgias - Review of Season 3 Episode 3: Siblings

“I bend me knee to no man, unless I choose to.” ~ Katerina Sforza

The best part of the show has to be, hands down, when the King of Naples invites the Sforza’s and the rest of the treacherous Romana families to the wedding. Katerina Sforza, “the Bitch of Forli”, has the best scene when she greets Rodrigo in a tense battle of wills. She hesitates kissing the papal ring and delivers the best line of the episode. She is a tour de force and she makes Cesare and Rodrigo nervous. I love watching her onscreen – Katerina is a show stealer and oozes cunning and strength. She is one of the most interesting and captivating characters this season and I enjoy every second she graces the screen.

The Borgias - Review of Season 3 Episode 3: Siblings

Meanwhile, the romantic attraction between Cesare and Lucrezia grows. Cesare kisses his sister, they have a few “angsty” moments back and forth but it’s all just build up to the moment everyone has been waiting to see for two seasons, they finally make love. After a heated arguement with Alfonso, Lucrezia seeks solace in her brother’s arms. Once again, Lucrezia is the instigator, but Cesare isn’t trying very hard to supress his feelings or deny her advances. They figure since it’s rumour, why not go there anyway?! Given the depth of their devotion to each other, it will probably be even more difficult to hide their illicit affection for each other after this line has been crossed. What will become of Alfonso?

Tune in next Sunday at 10pm on Bravo for another exciting, sexy and devious episode of The Borgias.

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