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The Borgias – Review of Season 3 Episode 6: Relics

“Why would I need my father’s army when I have one of my own?” ~ Cesare

Michelotto reunites Giovanni with Lucrezia, Plague ridden rags are sealed in a box and sent to Rome, Rodrigo negotiates with the Jews, and Cesare builds a bastard army all on this week’s episode of The Borgias.


Borgias relics review

“I brought you an army father, would you have me send it back?” ~ Cesare

Rodrigo plans the Jubilee of 1500 and his cardinals approach him with a new money making idea: The idea of “the bank of the sinner”. Sinners pay for their trespasses instead of prayer and flagellation, an indulgence to let them off after a monetary fee has been paid. Rodrigo sees the wisdom in this and considers it.

Meanwhile, Rodrigo negotiates with the Jews since they want to be allowed to pursue their trade and make their home in Rome. The Jews wish to avoid any dealings with his crusade against the Turks so they offer him an invaluable object – the spear that pierced Christ’s side. One of the Cardinals tries to prove the spear is a fake but is upstaged by a smart Rabbi and only manages to annoy Rodrigo, not convince him to oust the Jews.


Cesare shows up in Rome with his flashy French army and is annoyed when Rodrigo is none too impressed. Cesare and Lucrezia are reunited and repledge their love to each other. The plague box Katerina sends is ordered burnt by Cesare but one of the Cardinals is too curious and opens the box before casting it into the fire, thus releasing the Plague.

“Ride with me and my bastard army…to the only future allowed us…Tomorrow, our fathers will know our place in history.” ~ Cesare

The bastard second sons of the leading Romagna families meet halfway between Rome and Milan to decide whether the fight for the Sforzas or the Borgias. They are undecided about their allegiances because its no longer about the Borgia Pope, but about Cesare too. Midway through their debate, Cesare appears with a show of force with the French army. He plays into their fears of being nothing because they are bastards. Cesare is a bastard and knows full well what that fate entails unless you carve out a new one – if they fight for him, they can make a name for themselves and have his power as backing. It looks like at the end, he didn’t need ot twist their arms too hard – they raise a toast to the “Bastard Army”. Cesare 1 – Katerina 0.



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