Castle for Sale in Poitou

13th century Castle for Sale in France

Asking Price: 985 000 €

Located in the northern part  of the Poitou region, in a town between Angers and Poitiers, this medieval and Romanesque castle starts with 13th century walls, which are 1.80 m (5.9 ft) thick. It features three different shaped, massive towers which were all used for defence purposes. The property is entered via a massive gateway at the foot of a tall, 3-storey square tower.

Once inside their perimeter, the walls become less intimidating and provide glimpses of superb panoramic views through the dwelling windows. The rectangular bailey contains the dwelling, the stables and even an old prison. The construction of the walls began in the 13th century and was perfected throughout the following centuries. 150 m (492 ft) long and 13 m (81.6 ft) high, the walls feature numerous loopholes. Up until 1940, the walls were topped with battlements and were much higher.


The entrance gates are part of a tall square tower, backing on to the perimeter walls, with two stories for the guards. It is topped with a strange slate arrow. The tops of the two other towers are damaged. They are perched on the rock at a 45° angle and form corners in the perimeter walls.

The main building, rebuilt in the 15th century, is currently in pristine condition. Facing south-east, each of its three stories span approx. 100 square metres (1,076 sq ft). The great hall on the first floor, illuminated by a wide mullioned window to the south and a smaller window to the east, spans 80 square metres (861 sq ft) and includes a large 15th century fireplace. The floor is covered with decoratively laid terracotta floor tiles and the robust oak beams are faithful replicas of those they replaced.


The kitchen is discretely installed on the north side, followed by a toilet and a door leading to the west wing. With railings featuring a medieval design, an oak wood stairway leads up to the second floor where restoration works are in progress. This floor comprises three large bedrooms, each with a 15th century fireplace, two bathrooms and a toilet. The south-east corner contains a study or dressing room. The renovation works were carried out under the supervision of an architect from the “Batîments de France”. They maintain the authenticity of the property whilst including the necessary modern-day home comforts. A boiler room, a laundry room and storage rooms are on the ground floor.

Their is also a 17th century wing, built against the perimeter wall. The ground floor comprises a communal room with a fireplace and exposed stone walls and floor as well as 3 bedrooms and 3 bathrooms. A stone stairway leads upstairs to the first floor with 3 more bedrooms and 3 more bathrooms. A door in one of the bedrooms provides direct access to the great hall in the dwelling. This fully renovated wing has kept the distinctive character of its architecture with numerous detailed features in addition to the fireplaces, mullioned windows and their window seats.

pThe outbuildings, adjoining the perimeter wall, probably date from the 15th or 16th century. The ground floor used for storage purposes includes a toilet. The upstairs comprises a study and two other rooms of approx. 55 square metres (592 sq ft) that await conversion. Dating from the same era as the walls, an unusual structure on one side of the bailey encloses two prison cells complete with latrines and chains.

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