Castle for Sale in Croatia

Castle Vojkovic-Vojkffy
Oroslavje, Croatia
Asking Price: 2.500.000 €

The castle was built in the late 18th century between the 1770 and 1790 years. The three wings on the ground floor form letter “U”; the main north-east wing is larger and its roof is overlooking the smaller and narrower side wings. After the castle was built, the stables and later annex to the lateral wings of the castle were built, hence enclosing with the castle interior courtyard.

The castle, which is nearly 27,000 square feet in size, brought innovation to the style of castles in Croatia. Instead of a hall with arcades in the courtyard of the castle, as was common in early baroque and baroque palaces of Croatian Zagorje, in this castle by the end of baroque, hallway appeared in the longitudinal axis of the main wing and thus allowing the construction of the rooms on either side of the corridor. The main motive of the ground floor layout is a large doorway that leads to the courtyard. The staircase, with entrance through the large doorway, lead to a large lobby from where the entrance to the central hall of the castle on the first floor is. The main rooms of the castle are oriented towards the external facade. The interior has several types of arches. On the ground floor there are barrel vaults, corridors and doorway have Czech vaults and on the first floor there are trough vaults.

The facades of the castle bear the characteristics of late baroque classicism. Plastics on the ground floor facade consist of horizontal bands of stylized rustic, and on the first floor there is a rhythm of the pilasters and window frames. The main front with eleven windows’ axis projection is marked with the shallow risalit ending in triangular gables, while the ground floor is decorated with the representative portal. Courtyard fronts are simple, with a separation wreath of floors and a simple frame windows.

Although present park has features of the landscaped park areas, historical sources indicate the baroque-classic elements of garden architecture around Oroslavje Donje castle. The gardens of the castle were made probably by the end of 18th century, and how they looked in the second half of the 19th century can be seen on the old cadastral map. Castle was then accessed through 230 m long alley through the park and in front of south facade was the decorative ground floor patio. To the southwest, gardens were adjacent to the existing forest. To the left of the entrance alley, and south of the ornamental garden, there was a large meadow that is now a football field. With its reshaping in the 1885, the park was expanded and given the characteristics of romantically landscaped garden architecture. The layout composition was changed and basic baroque alley becomes softer, thus adapting to for that time modern park concept. Thus shaped park, with minor modifications, is preserved until today, but impoverished for some contents, it is neglected to extent and degraded with soccer field and individual housing development with road access through the main alley.

The park is entered through a magnificent and very beautiful baroque portal, which is located at the south end of the main road in Oroslavje. In front of the eastern facade of the castle there are two baroque stone statues from the 18th century. In our area, baroque statues of mythological creatures are rare. Flora, goddess of flowers, and Satire were in the front garden of the castle Oroslavje Gornje, and were transferred to Oroslavje Donje castle most probably between the two world wars, when the industrialist Milan Prpic possessed both castles. In addition to numerous conifers and deciduous, imported and of local origin, the park has a large number of specially cultivated garden tree forms mostly pendulas, for example, Carpinus Betulus (European Hornbeam), Fagus Sylvatica (European Beech), Fraxinus Excelsa (Weeping golden Ash) and Sophora Japonica pendula. Besides the interesting flora, the park has also an interesting fauna. Between 1980 and 1983, thirty seven species of birds were recorded that have their nests in the branches of trees in the park Oroslavje Donje.

Oroslavje Donje was the seat of the family Vojkovic. It was built by Sigismund Vojkovic in the late 18th century. The castle changed several owners: Novakovic, Earl Orsic, Tucic and Milan Prpic who bought Oroslavje Donje and Oroslavje Gornje castles.

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