Castle for Sale in Ireland: Caherkinmonwee Castle

Caherkinmonwee Castle in County Galway, Ireland, built in the 1400s, has been recently listed for sale. Also known as Caher Castle, this late medieval tower was left in ruin for over two hundred years before being purchased by Peter Hayes in 1996. He notes that, “the castle was in a dreadful state – completely overgrown, roof had fallen in, and ivy had taken over the entire structure. It was completely unlivable – the only thing living in the castle was ivy and roots.”

What followed was a ten year restoration project. “The first job was removing the ivy,” Peter explains, “then slowly restoring all of the walls. We had to waterproof the exterior and try to get the roof back on the main building. We first tackled the roof, then the walls, then the interior. We used all natural materials. The interior took a long time as we had to try to insulate the interior against the cold and damp – there is a lot of moisture locked up in a castle.”


The castle now features four floors, most of which have been completely refurbished – they include four bedrooms, a kitchen, and an entrance hall. Peter adds the most interesting feature is the rooftop, which was “built using local oak timbers. No nails were used. We used natural slate on the roof also. Then, there are the details in the stone work for the crenulations, which took more than a year to achieve. The views from the top are spectacular.”

The property is about four acres in size, and includes a small river running through it as well as gardens and mature trees. Several smaller buildings are also part of the property, which serve as garages and workshops.


The current asking price for the castle is in the one million euro range. The castle can serve as a residence to accommodate a family and some guests, but potential buyers may be interested in converting it into a small hotel.

For more details and pictures about the castle, please go to the Caherkinmonwee Castle website. You can also follow the castle on its own Facebook page.

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