Who Went on the Crusades to the Holy Land?

Who Went on the Crusades to the Holy Land?

By Christopher Tyerman

The Horns of Hattin: Proceedings of the Second Conference of the Society of the Crusades and the Latin East, ed. B.Z. Kedar (Jerusalem, 1992)

Introduction: However the crusades to the Holy Land are regarded, the question of who undertook the journey to Jerusalem is of central importance. Was such crusading a truly popular movement, embracing all classes and groups of wahtever degree of status? If so, why did it fail to produce sufficient results for whom settlement in the east was attractive? To what extent were teh crusades organized, controlled and recruited in ways identical to other contemporary armies? Any conclusions are likely to be tentative, especially as the active crusader can be studied as a fund-raiser, an employee, a member of his surrouding social hierarchy as well as a pilgrim and a soldier.

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