Viking Trade and Settlement in Continental Western Europe

Viking Trade and Settlement in Continental Western Europe

Edited by Iben Skibsted Klæsøe

Museum Tusculanum Press, 2011
ISBN: 978-87-635-0530-7

Publisher’s Synopsis: The European coastal areas and the lands around the rivers had great importance for the local populations, but also for the Vikings. The chapters presented in this volume, written by distinguished scholars in the field, yield an extraordinary account of Viking presence on the West European continent. Important archaeological evidence allows us to trace the movements of the Vikings in Frisia and their incursions into the lower Rhine and Upper Normandy.

The anthology provides a wealth of information on shipfinds, numismatic discoveries, burial sites, weapon graves, Viking art and many other important forms of documentary evidence that help to shed new light on this remarkable period in European history.


Iben Skibsted Klæsøe – Research history: Some comments

Jan Bill – Viking Age ships and seafaring in the West

Egge Knol – Frisia in Carolingian times

W.J.H. Verwers – Vikings in the lower Rhine area?

Laurent Mazet-Harhoff – The incursion of the Vikings into the natural and cultural landscape of upper Normandy

Jens Christian Moesgaard – Vikings on the continent: The numismatic evidence

Joël Callais – A Thor’s hammer found in Normandy

Else Roesdahl – Viking art in European churches (Cammin – Bamberg – Prague – León)

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