Medieval Vikings

Medieval Vikings refer to the peoples of Scandinavia who made a significant impact on Europe from the 8th to 11th centuries – through warfare, raiding, trading, exploring and settling. The British Isles and France were particularly affected, but the Viking presence could be felt from the Byzantine Empire to North America.

Here are articles we have posted on Medieval Vikings, which relate to their history, culture, warfare and settlement:


The Vikings in the East : a Survey of Settlement, Trade and Military Activity c.700 – 1100, by D.A.F. Adams

Viking and Medieval Settlement in the Faroes: People, Place and Environment, by Símun V. Arge , Guðrún Sveinbjarnardóttir , Kevin J. Edwards and Paul C. Buckland


Scandinavian Myth on Viking-period Stone Sculpture in England, by Richard N. Bailey

A Neglected Viking Burial with Beads from Kilmainham, Dublin, Discovered in 1847, by C.S. Briggs

The Bayeux Tapestry and the Vikings, by Shirley Ann Brown

The Scandinavians in Poland: a re-evaluation of perceptions of the Vikings, by Gregory Cattaneo

Viking Ireland—Afterthoughts, by Donnchadh Ó Corráin

The Frankish Tribute Payments to the Vikings and their Consequences, by Simon Coupland

Pont-de-l’Arche or Pitres? A location and archaeomagnetic dating for Charles the Bald’s fortifications on the Seine, by Brian Dearden and Anthony Clark

The Viking Slave Trade, by Clare Downham

‘Hiberno-Norwegians’ and ‘Anglo-Danes’: anachronistic ethnicities and Viking-Age England, by Clare Downham

The Battle of Clontarf in Irish History and Legend, by Clare Downham

The historical importance of Viking-Age Waterford, by Clare Downham

The Viking Mind, or In Pursuit of the Viking, by Anthony Faulkes

Monastic lands and England’s defence in the Viking Age, by Robin Fleming

Viking atrocity and Skaldic verse: The Rite of the Blood-Eagle, by Roberta Frank

Viking and medieval amulets in Scandinavia, by Signe Horn Fuglesang

Fact or folklore: the Viking attack on London Bridge, by Jan Ragnar Hagland and Bruce Watson

What did the Viking Discoverers of America Know of the North Atlantic Environment?, by Thomas Haine


Approaches to the study of linguistic identity in the Viking Age, by Eldar Heide

Viking Expansion Northwards: Mediaeval Sources, by Tette Hofstra and Kees Samplonius

On the Trail of Viking Women, by Jane Kershaw

A Viking period workshop in Staraya Ladoga, excavated in 1997, by Anatoliy N. Kirpichnikov

Rational Bandits: Plunder, Public Goods, and the Vikings, by Peter Kurrild-Klitgaard and Gert Tinggaard Svendsen

The Vikings in Wales, by Henry Loyn

Viking Denmark and Early Medieval Italy: a possibility for a comparison, by Emanuela Marchetti

Bloody Slaughter: Ritual Decapitation and Display At the Viking Settlement of Hofstaðir, Iceland, by Gavin Lucas and Thomas McGovern

Changing thegns: Cnut’s conquest and the English aristocracy, by Katharin R. Mack

An island in the middle of an island: On cult, laws and authority in Viking Age Gotland, by Nanouschka Myberg


Scandinavian way of communication with the Carolingians and the Ottonians, by Minoru Ozawa

Cnut for Danelaw, Cnut against Swein: two aspects on the process of Cnut’s conquest of England, by Minoru Ozawa

Cumbrian Heritage: Viking Cemetery, by Mike Pitts


Plundering the Territories in the Manner of the Heathens: Identifying Viking Age Battlefields in Britain, by Benjamin Raffield

Pagans and Christians at the frontier: Viking burial in the Danelaw, by J.D. Richards

The Scandinavians at Home, by E. Rosedahl

Vikings raids on the Spanish Peninsula, by Rolf Scheen

Forging Ninth and Tenth Century Western Europe: A Comparative Study of the Viking and Hungarian Activities, by Miklós Somogyvári

Norse Drinking Traditions, by Christie L. Ward

Berserker: a ferocious Viking warrior, by Christie Ward

Runes, by Henrik Williams

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