Vikings – the Rus – Varangians

Vikings – the Rus – Varangians

By Fedir Androschuk

Olga & Ingegerd – Vikingarfurstinor i öst. Historiska nyheter. Statens Historiska museet, Specialnummer 2004

Introduction: The viking age in Scandinavia is usually dated from the end of the eighth century to the mid-11th century. Those who came from Scandinavia were called Rus and Varangians by peoples in Eastern Europe. French and Anglo-Saxon chroniclers sometimes divide the Vikings into ‘Danes’, ‘Swedes’ (Svear) and ‘Norsemen’ (Norwegians). In their turn, Arab scribes distinguished between Scandinavians, inhabiting Western Eurorpe, calling them ‘magus’ or al-urmania, and peoples in the east, which they called al-rus.

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