International Congress on Pope Innocent III to take place in Spain

International Congress on Pope Innocent III

Murcia, Spain, will host an International Congress on ‘Innocent III and his Times’ from December 9-12, 2015.

Call for Papers: Power of the Bishop in Western Europe 1000-1300: Episcopal Personalities

Medieval Bishop - British Library Add. 39636, f. 50

Cardiff University is pleased to announce the up-coming symposium on the episcopal office in the Middle Ages, to be held 10-12 June 2015.

Call for Papers. Place and Space in the Medieval World Conference

Detail of a miniature of Christine and the Sibyl standing in a sphere of the cosmos, with the moon, sun and stars surrounding, in 'Le chemin de long estude'.

Conference taking place at the University of York from May 29th-31st, 2015

Call for Papers: Third Annual Symposium on Medieval and Renaissance Studies

saint louis university

June 17-19, 2013 at Saint Louis University

CFP: 41st Annual Sewanee Medieval Colloquium

Sewanee Medieval Colloquium

This colloquium will explore peace and war in medieval culture, history, literature, philosophy, theology, and the arts. How did medieval men and women make peace and make war?

For Medievalists: Want to Give a Conference Paper?

Call for Papers

Over the last couple of weeks we have received a few requests to pass along Calls for Papers for upcoming conferences

Calls for Papers: Alfonso VIII and Eleanor of England

Call for Papers

To be held in Madrid, from November 12-14, 2014

Call for Papers: Pre-modern Queenship and Diplomacy in Europe


Call for Papers: Pre-modern Queenship and Diplomacy in Europe Canterbury Christ Church University on 12-13 September 2014 (Deadline for CFP, 30 April 2014). This conference organised by Canterbury Christ Church University and Lancaster University seeks to raise important questions about the role that premodern queens played in diplomatic relations throughout Europe. Traditionally, female involvement in diplomacy […]

Call for Papers: Medieval and Renaissance Lost Libraries


The 2014 conference of CILIP’s Library and Information History Group will have the theme ‘Medieval and Renaissance Lost Libraries’. It will be held at Senate House in London on Saturday 12 July 2014.

Call for Papers: 16th Congress of Danses Macabres d’Europe


The Association aims at studying Danses macabres and its related themes: the Encounter between the three living and the three dead, the Triumph of Death, Ars moriendi, futility, and eschatological themes such as the Last Judgement.

Call for Papers: ‘To Die Would be an Awfully Big Adventure’: The Glory and the Gore of Death and Horror Through the Ages

Dance of Death in the German printed edition, folio CCLXI recto from Hartman Schedel's Chronicle of the World (Nuremberg, 1493)

Abstracts are now being invited for the 10th annual Medievalism Transformed conference at the University of Wales, Bangor, a one-day interdisciplinary event sponsored by the School of English Literature.

Call for Papers: The Authors, Editors and Audiences of Medieval Middle Eastern Texts

Call for Papers

Conference to be held at the University of Cambridge on 1st-2nd September 2014

Call for Papers: Medieval Secrets and Mysteries

Call for Papers

Conference at the University of Victoria, February 28 ­‐ March 1, 2014

Call for Papers: Catastrophes and the Apocalyptic in the Middle Ages and Renaissance

Arizona Center of Medieval and Renaissance Studies

20th Annual Arizona Center of Medieval and Renaissance Studies Conference, being held on February 6-8, 2014 in Scottsdale, Arizona

Call for Papers: Vagantes 2014


Conference taking place from March 20-22, 2014 at the University of Texas at Austin

Call for Papers: 10th conference of the Australian Early Medieval Association

Australian Early Medieval Association

Conference taking place 7–8 February, 2014, at Macquarie University, Sydney

Call for Papers: The Fortieth Annual Sewanee Medieval Colloquium

Sewanee Medieval Colloquium

April 4-5, 2014, at The University of the South, Sewanee, TN

Call for Papers: (Un) Expected Animals in (Un)Expected Places in the Middle Ages and Early Modern Period

Call for Papers

Conference taking place on May, 6-7 2014, at the University of Louisville, Kentucky

Call for Papers: Light in the Religions of the Book: A Multidisciplinary Approach

University of Balamand

Upcoming Conference at the University of Balamand in Lebanon, December 13-15, 2013

Call for Papers: The Archaeology of Gatherings Conference

The Archaeology of Gatherings

With 2013 being the year of ‘The Gathering’ this theme was chosen to examine why people over millennia have come together, often in large numbers, for religious assemblies, social interaction, to exchange commodities and ideas, along with other reasons such as farewells, wakes, political opposition, inaugurations etc.

Conference: ‘In the hands of God’s servants’ The Power of the Bishop in Western Europe (1000-1300)

Add. 39636, f. 50

Conference at Cardiff University, on 23-24 May 2013

Call for Papers: Ethics in medievalism

Call for Papers

What role do ethics play in post-medieval responses to the Middle Ages?

Call for Papers: 2013 Edinburgh University Seventh-Century Colloquium


The Seventh Century: Continuity or Discontinuity? – 2013 Edinburgh University Seventh Century Colloquium, 28 – 29 May 2013.

Call for Papers: Monasticism and Lordship – Annual Leeds Postgraduate Monasticism Conference

Call for Papers

Conference to be held at the University of Leeds on May 17-18, 2013

Call for Papers: Beasts, Humans, and Transhumans in the Middle Ages and Renaissance

ACMRS conference

ACMRS invites session and paper proposals for its annual interdisciplinary conference to be held 14–16 February, 2013

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