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How to touch, smell and taste a ‘deconstructed’ medieval manuscript

A unique opportunity to experience a medieval manuscript as a sensory experience is currently taking place at the University of Leicester.

Digital Mappa 1.0 now online – new digital resource for medievalists

A new digital humanities resource has been launched by the University of Wisconsin-Madison and the University of Pennsylvania, geared to the medieval studies community to create research workspaces, editions, scholarship, collaboration and open access publications.

Going beyond medieval times to explore early worlds

The Early Worlds Initiative—an interdisciplinary research project at the University of Rochester—aims to help faculty, researchers, students, and even the general public delve deeper into this complex and intriguing field.

Volcanic eruptions in the 6th century plunged Eurasia into hunger and disease

A recent study indicates that volcanic eruptions in the mid 500s resulted in an unusually gloomy and cold period, and that the years 536 and 541-544 CE were very difficult for many people.

Call for Papers: Migrants and Refugees in the Law

International conference which will take place in Murcia, Spain, on December 12-14, 2018

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Medieval Articles

Theories of the Soul vs. Medical Knowledge: Averroës as an Authority in Thirteenth-Century France

The intellectual florescence of thirteenth-century France, and Paris in particular, was vibrant, yet it confronted scholastic thinkers with a range of both new and continuing problems.

The Legendary Topography of the Viking Settlement of Iceland

This paper focuses on Icelanders’ myth of origin as presented in the various Landnámabók redactions, and explores how a largely fictional medieval text can assert ownership and control over territory, and ultimately contribute to the creation of a legendary topography.

In the Wake of Death: Socioeconomic Effects of the Black Death in Medieval England

In the years following the plague, as peasants and merchants gained more economic freedom, tensions grew between lower and upper classes of society as the upper classes stood to lose their status and way of life.

Maiden warriors in Old Norse Literature

In the Old Norse literature, the term ‘shieldmaiden’ (Skjaldmær in Icelandic) tends to be used with reference to a Viking woman warrior

Imperium et Credo: Frankish-Byzantine Rivalry over Leadership of the Roman-Christian Credo-State in the Ninth Century

The years 869-871 saw the onset of the last major diplomatic dispute between the two great powers of Christendom, the Franks in Western Europe and the Byzantines in the East. Louis

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All about the Middle Ages

Top 10 Medieval Castles in Ireland

Ten great medieval castles from Ireland and Northern Ireland

Love in the Time of Plague

When I first started writing this blog, I wanted to tell a medieval love story. It is the story of the dashing Black Prince of Wales, and his Joan, the Fair Maid of Kent.

How to Steal the King’s Crown

In the year 1440, a servant woman named Helene Kottanner is given the task of stealing the crown of the King of Hungary. Helene tells us how she did it.

Color in the Middle Ages

Here are five colorful facts about color in the Middle Ages, courtesy the research of French historian Michel Pastoureau.

Bread in the Middle Ages

Bread was the staple of life in the Middle Ages. You could also be called a heretic or go insane if you ate the wrong one. Includes medieval bread recipes.

Castle for Sale: Castiglione Castle on Capri

The history of this castle on the Italian island of Capri dates back to the Roman period, when the place served as one of the twelve villas built by Emperor Tiberius in the first century A.D. The villa was plundered and ruined by the early Middle Ages, but the strategic location of the site, which […]

The Rise and Spectacular Fall of the Templars: An Interview with Dan Jones

Dan Jones gives us the scoop on his new Templar book, Knightfall, and what’s next up his sleeve.

Ten Things We Learned at the 2017 Annual Meeting of the Medieval Academy of America

From names of ships to mass expulsion – ten things we learned about the Middle Ages at #MAA2017

The Medieval Magazine: Medicine in the Middle Ages (Issue 40)

For our fortieth issue we focus on medieval medicine, with a feature article on how a 13th century surgeon treated brain injuries, and what Isidore of Seville wrote about medicine in the 7th century

How Many Of These British Cathedrals Have You Visited?

A very quick guide to see which cathedrals people are visiting, and which you still need to see :)

Exploring Medieval Manuscripts: An Interview with Erik Kwakkel

‘I love that something quirky and nerdy like the medieval book is becoming mainstream.’

Exhibit: Magna Carta Through the Ages at the Society of Antiquaries of London

If you’re passing through London and want something to do that is very quick, free, and historical, check out this great little Magna Carta exhibit at Burlington House hosted by the Society of Antiquaries of London.

Celtic Search Talk III: Irish Classical Studies and the Irish History of Troy

This was part of a series of papers given at the University of Toronto in competition for a position in the Celtic Studies department. This paper focused on the reception of literature and the reception of the classics in medieval Ireland.

10 Tips on Surviving a Poisoning from Maimonides

Maimonides explains what to do when you believe someone is trying to poison you, and what were some of the most dangerous poisons of the Middle Ages.

Medieval Videos

The Codex Faenza and the Tradition of Improvisation

Laura Osterlund lecture on, and performance of, the music in the Codex Faenza.

How Law Was Taught at a Medieval University

Jason A. Brown focus on a medieval manuscript to show how law was taught in medieval universities.

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Medieval Books

New Medieval Books: Suger and Blood

Looking for something medieval to read? Here are five new books about the Middle Ages to check out…

Reading Recommendations for a Marvellous Medieval Summer

In preparation for summer reading, Natalie Anderson shares some of her favourite works of medieval historical fiction.

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Medieval Movies & TV

10 Medieval Short Films

Need to have some medieval-themed binge viewing? Here are ten short films from Youtube and Vimeo that will take you back to the Middle Ages.

Medievalists at the Movies: King Arthur: Legend of the Sword

King Arthur: Legend of the Sword premiered May 2017 MAN CANDY ALERT! When I sat down to watch “King Arthur” over this past weekend, I was a bit apprehensive. This big-budget, big-name feature film didn’t last very long in theaters (never a good sign) and it received overall negative reviews (typically, not always, not a […]

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NEW! The Medieval Magazine, No. 109: PILGRIMAGE

We look at medieval and modern pilgrimage in this issue, from the perils of travel, to the popular destinations, to souvenirs and salvation.

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