Nalbinding for Beginners

By Emma ‘Bruni’ Boast

Nalbinding is the Viking-Age term for single-needle knitting. A traditional wool craft that would be used to make woollen hats, socks, gloves and mittens. People would be taught this skill in-person and use different stitches to create varied textile patterns and thickness.

I’ve been passionate about the Viking Age for as long as I can recall. I decided to use my skills and specialist knowledge as a Viking archaeologist to create a book which would teach people the starting skills of this historical craft and give them confidence to try. As well as a book, I have created the first ever Starter Kit so that anyone can pick it up and give nalbinding a go.

I am launching my book and kit at the Jorvik Viking Festival in York on the 16th-18th February. For those at the festival, I’ll be selling the books for £25 – and signing them too!

After the launch the book and kit will be available for purchase from Nidavellnir’s Etsy store.

The Kit includes:

  • Nalbinding for Beginners‘ by Emma ‘Bruni’ Boast. This book contains 34-page spread of photographs and guidance. This book will enable you to learn, practise and develop this form of Viking-Age knitting with ease. An easy-to-follow photo guide with explanations along the way. Enjoy this traditional craft and study at your own pace!
  •  2 x 50g Balls of 100% British Wool Yarn in a Moss Green colour. This wool will enable people to practice the beginners stitch. The wool included is enough for people to make a viking hat, pair of fingers mittens or full closed mittens
  •  1 x Bone Nalbinding Needle (ethically sourced). Based on archaeological finds.

You can also learn more about this medieval craft on my Facebook page: Nidavellnir

Nalbinded Viking Hat

Emma ‘Bruni’ Boast is a Viking Age Archaeologist and historian based in York.

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