Castle for Sale: Goudourville Castle in Southern France

This eleventh-century castle, located about an hour away from the city of Toulouse, is now a hotel and tourist attraction.


The land this castle lies on was once a medieval abbey, but was destroyed by the Normans in the early 11th century. In the year 1081 Hughes de Gasques began construction of Goudourville Castle. The fortress, located in the former province of Quercy, would be in area that was fought over by the English and French during the 13th to 15th centuries – it would not be until the 1440s before the English were expelled from the region.

After the Middle Ages Goudourville Castle saw many changes, including having much of its defensive features dismantle in the 17th century, only to have it restored in the following century. Today, the castle is a local tourist attraction, and one can rent out rooms or even the entire castle.  Click here to visit the castle’s website.

Parts of the castle, including a guard room and a chapel, date back to the 11th century, while the spiral staircase and some of its bedrooms were built during the 16th century. More modern comforts include a state-of-the-art kitchen, tennis court and a large outdoor pool. Watch this video below to see more photos of the castle.

GoudourvilleThe castle is being sold at an undisclosed price by Patrice Besse. They give this assessment of the property: “Enthusiasts of old stone and history will appreciate this castle which is impressive but not intimidating, even though many famous people have stayed in its bedrooms. Its outstanding features include its guard room, its chapel, its splendid sweet chestnut wood roofing framework, its courtroom and its main courtyard. All the styles have been harmoniously interlinked over the centuries and the current owner has also worked with this in mind. Standing on the last of Quercy’s foothills in its unspoilt setting, spanning almost 25 ha, it provides a stunning panoramic view of the Garonne Valley over which it dominates.”

Click here to visit the Patrice Besse website for more details.

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