King John and Arthur of Brittany

King John and Arthur of Brittany

Powicke, F.M.

English Historical Review, Vol.24 (1909)


After studying, in the order of their composition, the authorities which refer to or discuss the death of Arthur and the alleged condemnation of King John by his peers in the French court, I have been led to feel considerable doubt concerning the orthodox view on the subject. That view is the negative conclusion reached by M. Bemont in his well-known thesis nearly a quarter of a century ago. With one important exception—M. Guilhiermoz—every scholar who has gone over the evidence since M. B6mont published his thesis, has agreed with the master.1 And, indeed, every student of the period must feel that his opinion, whatever it may be, owes almost everything to the preliminary collection and criticism of the evidence by M. Bemont.

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