By Robyn Young

Publisher: Plume, July 29, 2008

ISBN: 9780452289604

The second volume in the internationally bestselling “Brethren” trilogy, “Crusade” is gripping historical fiction that grows more relevant by the day (Raymond Khoury, bestselling author of “The Last Templar”) An international bestseller, “Crusade” is a fast-paced medieval adventure portraying the rising tide of political pressures that led East and West to war in the 13th century. After years of bloodshed, peace finally reigns in the Middle East, in part due to the efforts of Will Campbell and a mysterious group known as the Brethren. However, a cabal of ruthless Western merchants aims to reignite war in the Holy Land, while Prince Edwardaonce a trusted member of the Brethrenahas made a promise to the pope: he will take the Cross to Jerusalem and lead a new crusade. To survive the escalating conflict and protect his family, Will must harness all his knowledge and courage.

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