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Heatwave reveals medieval road in England

Keele University scientists have discovered a road created by the Knights Templar after the recent heatwave exposed the long-hidden foundations.

Call for Papers: Reconstituting the Middle Ages: using medieval sources to recover the material past

Call for papers for a session at the 2019 International Medieval Congress

New video game aims to take players back to the 7th century

A new Kickstarter campaign is underway to help support the launch of Knights of Light, a historical action RPG set in Middle East.

Polish archaeologists discover medieval graves in Sicily

Polish archaeologists discovered 800 year-old burials during excavations near the medieval church of San Michele del Golfo near Palermo in Sicily. According to the scientists, the graves could belong to the Normans, descendants of the Vikings.

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Recording Miracles in Renaissance Italy

This essay has surveyed the changing form of Renaissance Italian ex-votos, and the ways in which they were compiled and conserved in a variety of shrines across the peninsula, in order to argue that votive offerings came to function as archives of the miraculous.

Nuremberg’s Noble Servant: Werner von Parsberg (d. 1455) between Town and Nobility in Late Medieval Germany

Through this appreciation of the factors supporting town–noble cooperation in the late Middle Ages we are better able to understand the formation and development of the dialectic of town and nobility as a way of understanding German society.

Ancient DNA reveals the chronology of walrus ivory trade from Norse Greenland

These results reveal a significant shift in trade from an early, predominantly eastern source towards a near exclusive representation of Greenland ivory.

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All about the Middle Ages

The Medieval Magazine – Issue 30

Medieval Pilgrimages / Robin Hood / The Middle Ages and Feminism / Archaeologists fight to preserve English battlefield

TV Preview: Beowulf: Return to the Shieldlands

Viewers in the United Kingdom will be the first to see Beowulf: Return to the Shieldlands, as the new series premieres on ITV tonight at 7:00 pm. American viewers will need to wait until January 23rd, when the Esquire Network begins airing episodes.

New Medieval Books: People, Towns, Nations, and … Murder

Five books that might belong on your bookshelf…

Medieval Studies in Canada

Here is a list of medieval studies programs available in Canada, province by province

New Medieval Books: From China to Iceland

Five new books taking you throughout the medieval world.

A Guide to the Domesday Book

A guide to the Domesday Book, one of the most fascinating set of records from the Middle Ages.

Why Medieval Torture Devices are Not Medieval

When many people think about the Middle Ages they see it as a time when people were tortured by a wide collection of diabolical instruments. Whether it is the Pear of Anguish or the Iron Maiden, these torture devices are portrayed as medieval. The reality, however, is that many of these devices never existed in the Middle Ages.

Memento Mori: Medieval Images of Death

In honour of All Hallows’ Eve, let’s take five minutes to look at how death was expressed in art in the late Middle Ages.

Quiz: Can You Name the Location of These Churches?

Which city are these famous churches located? It’s a mix of medieval and non-medieval, so beware for some difficult ones!

Advent in the Middle Ages

Advent in the Middle Ages

The Transformers and the Middle Ages

‘My dear girl, I find it hard to believe that my data bank dates your costume to 542 A.D.’ – ‘Fashion is always a year behind Camelot out here in the countryside.’

A Tale of Fate and Chance: The Oldest Surviving Manuscripts of Augustine’s Works

Imagine putting pen to paper today and copying down a text in longhand. What are the chances it will still be around by the year 3500 AD? What would that require?

Medieval Castle for Sale in France: Chateau d’Avezan

This 13th century castle in southern France is on sale for 950 000 €

Lancelot and His Upcoming Reboot: Forgiven or Unforgiven?

Remakes can be a really interesting way to get at the heart of a story, as long as they don’t misplace that heart in the retelling.

Medieval Warfare and Ancient History magazines

Did you know that the team at is also involved in two other history magazines?

Medieval Videos

Medieval Youtube: From Mudlarking to the Bell

Eleven more videos from the last month(ish), telling you all about the Middle Ages.

“A translator is not free”: J. R. R. Tolkien’s Guidelines for Translation and Their Application in Sir Orfeo

While bemoaning his struggles with translating the Middle English poem “Pearl,” Tolkien declared to his aunt, Jane Neave, that ‘a translator is not free”: but he neglected to delineate the specific rules by which he believed translators were shackled.

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Medieval Books

New Medieval Books: From Crusaders to Devils

Our latest collection of new books about the Middle Ages…

“As pounded gaping metal”: Translating Saint Aldhelm’s Aenigmata

Perhaps the greatest pleasure of translating the Aenigmata came from the fact that doing the work well required a scavenger hunt through Anglo-Saxon life—from history to medicine to food and many other arcane topics.

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Medieval Movies & TV

10 Medieval Short Films

Need to have some medieval-themed binge viewing? Here are ten short films from Youtube and Vimeo that will take you back to the Middle Ages.

Medievalists at the Movies: King Arthur: Legend of the Sword

King Arthur: Legend of the Sword premiered May 2017 MAN CANDY ALERT! When I sat down to watch “King Arthur” over this past weekend, I was a bit apprehensive. This big-budget, big-name feature film didn’t last very long in theaters (never a good sign) and it received overall negative reviews (typically, not always, not a […]

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NEW! The Medieval Magazine, No. 111: HAGIOGRAPHY

In this issue, we look at hagiography, the medieval cult of saints, alchemy, visit Prague and visit del Escorial, Spain.

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