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Discovery of Earliest Known Image of Pilgrims on the Road to Canterbury

Researchers have made a remarkable discovery of a stained glass panel picturing pilgrims travelling by horse and on foot to visit the tomb of archbishop Thomas Becket in Canterbury Cathedral. The newly discovered stained glass panel dates to the mid 1180s, less than twenty years after Becket’s death.

Free Online Course on the Book of Kells starts next month

A new, free, online course developed by Trinity College Dublin will allow learners worldwide to explore the history of Ireland through the remarkable Book of Kells — one of  the world’s most famous medieval manuscripts.

English medieval church restored to beauty after being abandoned for over 50 years

A medieval church dating back to the 13th century is reopening after an impressive campaign led by The Friends of Friendless Churches to restore it.

Medieval stone coffin discovered in England

Archaeologists working on the site of a former car park in the English town of Lincoln were surprised to have uncovered a medieval stone coffin.

Medieval coin hoard discovered in India

A hoard of 254 copper coins dating back to the 16th century were discovered northern India, officials announced this week.

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Medieval Articles

The historical reputation of Edward IV, 1461-1725

This thesis comprises a chronological study of different historical accounts of Edward IV’s life and reign from his life until the early eighteenth century.

Henri de Mondeville (1260-1320): Medieval French Anatomist and Surgeon

He was a visionary anatomist, who taught the subject from a series of handmade, full-length illustrations, which, though rudimentary in terms of precise anatomical knowledge, marked a significant transformation in anatomical studies

The impact of the Franks on the Latin Kingdom of Jerusalem

Frankish impact on communities was investigated through an exploration of the medieval landscape and seigneurial obligations, two attributes that affected all rural sites in the Latin Kingdom of Jerusalem, regardless of other settlement characteristics.

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All about the Middle Ages

Medieval Academy of America Meeting – Day 3

The annual meeting of the Medieval Academy of America is taking place at the University of Notre Dame from March 12-14, 2015 – here are some of the tweets from the final day.

Quiz: Which Renaissance Artist Created this Masterpiece?

Here are ten close-up images of famous art works created by Italian Renaissance artists. Can you name the artist?

This Week in Medieval Manuscript Images

From Dragon Hats to Forced Tooth Extraction – the medieval manuscript images we loved this week!

Five Things to Love About A Knight’s Tale

Was it really just a sports movie set in the past? Yes. Was it edited until the plot seems a little less-than-coherent? Yes. But are there things we can love about it? Absolutely.

The Tablet, Medieval-Style

Wax tablets have been around since ancient times, and now that I’ve made one, I can see why. They’re easy to make, use, and reuse; they’re light and durable; they’re portable; and they have lots of room for making mistakes.

French Castle for Sale in the Loire Valley

Chateau de Chanzé 11th century medieval castle Near Angers, France Price: 2 370 000 Euros (negotiable) This French castle, which dates back to the 11th century, sits on five hectares of land and is currently operated as a bed and breakfast inn and restaurant. The property comes with four cottages that house up to 14 […]

What Is Your Medieval Profession?

I got Stable Boy!

Proving Facts in Njáls saga

Clover uncovers the seemingly inadequate evidence-finding process in Njáls saga and discusses how the legal process can be transmitted to the saga’s narrative structure.

Dyes, Diets and Deodorants: Venetian Beauty Secrets Revealed

If you think it’s hard to keep up a beauty regime now, wait until you see what lengths the Venetians went to in order to be beautiful!

Why this is the week to be in Iceland (and learn about sagas)

The scholarly world interested in all things Norse, Viking and saga-related is coming to Iceland this week for the 17th International Saga Conference. Here is a quick guide to what is happening.

Snow Castles and Horse Racing on Ice: Winter Fun in the Medieval North

Although the winters could be long and harsh in medieval Sweden, the people still found time to have fun and games.

The World’s Worst Fantasy Film: In the Name of the King

What do you get when you mix Burt Reynolds, Jason Statham, Ray Liotta and Ron Perlman in a movie together? You get a horrible movie. Those worlds are never meant to collide, and never in a fantasy movie.

The Tower-House Castle: Not Exactly Fit for a King

House, Tower, Castle. It’s like a weird hand of Cards Against Humanity or Apples to Apples but these special types of castles are common in Scotland and Ireland. The 13th century concentric castles of Edward I, a.k.a. Longshanks, a.k.a. Hammer of the Scots, are some of the most well-known surviving medieval structures. His castles are […]

Medieval Videos

A Singular and Plural Beast

In the early Middle Ages, the pig was a caricature for greed, dirt, and disorder (and not much has changed).

Medieval Youtube: Sweet sounds and how to fight like you were in the Middle Ages

Our monthly roundup of videos, including music, fighting and Sweden’s largest medieval festival.

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Medieval Books

Book Reviews: Medieval Studies and the Ghost Stories of M. R. James / Four Ghost Stories

Medieval historians know M.R. James primarily as the compiler of many catalogues of Cambridge manuscripts and as the translator of New Testament apocrypha, but he was also the author of several collections of ghost stories

For the want of Emma: What if the Vikings had won the Battle of Stamford Bridge?

If you could alter history, change one subtle event, what would you pick? For a Viking fan, the answer might be as simple as it is iconic.

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Medieval Movies & TV

Medieval Movie Review: Outlaw King

Although it sticks to the medieval film playbook – mud, blood, and a bit of romance – it’s in the details that Outlaw King stands out, giving Robert the Bruce’s fight for independence a uniquely Scottish air.

Robin Hood, King Arthur, and Hollywood’s Problem with Public Domain Properties

Why does Hollywood keep making Robin Hood and King Arthur movies even though no one cares about them?

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NEW! The Medieval Magazine, No. 111: HAGIOGRAPHY

In this issue, we look at hagiography, the medieval cult of saints, alchemy, visit Prague and visit del Escorial, Spain.

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