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New Medieval Books: 21st Century Medievalisms

21st Century Medievalisms: Between the Global and the Individual

Edited by Karl Christian Alvestad

Trivent Publishing
ISBN: 978-615-6405-75-3

Fourteen essays that examine how the Middle Ages have been depicted in recent years. From pop culture to Peru, there are many ways the medieval past gets reinterpreted and explored in the present.


The years since the dawn of the 21st century have seen an increase in scholarly interest in, and discussions about the various forms of medievalisms. At the same time this overarching trend of revival and continued innovation has taken place, scholars have observed and commented on some diversification of the nature of medievalisms, their purpose and their consumption. Scholars have demonstrated how medievalisms are alive and well in the 21st century, and how it has diversified and flourished for good and evil with the democratisation of the internet and the rise of populist politics.


Who is this book for?

Those interested in medievalism will enjoy this collection of articles, which focuses on very recent depictions, such as the movie Frozen or the video game Dante’s Inferno, and deeper issues like White Nationalism and Spanish politics.

The editor

Karl Alvestad is Associate Professor of History at the University of South-Eastern Norway.

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