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New Medieval Books: Battle Song

Battle Song

By Ian Ross

Hodder and Stoughton

ISBN: 978 1 399 70884 5

Storm clouds are gathering as Simon de Montfort and the barons of the realm challenge the power of Henry III. The barons demand reform; the crown demands obedience. England is on the brink of civil war. Adam de Norton, a young squire devoted to the virtues of chivalry, longs only to be knighted, and to win back his father’s lands. Then a bloody hunting accident leaves him with a new master: the devilish Sir Robert de Dunstanville, who does not hesitate to use the blackest stratagems in pursuit of victory.

Following Robert overseas, Adam is introduced to the ruthless world of the tournament, where knights compete for glory and riches, and his new master’s methods prove brutally effective. But as England plunges into violence, Robert and Adam must choose a side in a battle that will decide the fate of the kingdom. Will they fight for the king, for de Montfort – or for themselves?


Who is this book for?

This novel is set during the Second Barons’ War (1264–1267), so it will appeal to those interested in English history and the reign of King Henry III in particular. The writing of this book has been compared to authors such as Bernard Cornwell and Ben Kane. The plan is that this will be the first in a trilogy of books.

The author

Ian Ross has already made a name for himself with his five-book series called Twilight of Empire, which was set in the Later Roman Empire. You can learn more about Ian on his website or follow him on X/Twitter.


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