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New Medieval Books: Registrum Coquine: A Medieval Cookbook

Registrum Coquine: A Medieval Cookbook

By Johannes Bockenheim, translated by Marco Gavio de Rubeis

Historical Italian Cooking
ISBN: 9798505852323

A collection of over 80 recipes written in the first half of the 15th century, by a cook who worked in the service of Pope Martin V (1417-31). One of the most interesting aspects of the cookbook is that the recipes were meant for particular groups – for example, there was ‘Venison with Black Pepper Sauce for the Rich’, ‘Liver Soup for the Bohemians and Hungarians’, and ‘Cheese Torta for Rustics, Pimps, and Prostitutes’.


It begins here the Registrum Coquine about in which way and how are prepared the dishes for all year round, how soups need to be made, and the various plates. And the sauces that accompany the different dishes, both for the rich and nobles, and for different other prelates. And I have written it in person, Johannes Buckenhem, once cook under Pope Martin V.


Who is this book for?

A medieval cookbook will delight those interested in food in the Middle Ages. The recipes here are usually very short, about one paragraph long, but the editor has added information for those who want to recreate the dishes. Other historians will be interested in how the 15th-century author stated that recipes were supposed to be for people of different social or ethnic groups.

The author:

Marco Gavio de Rubeis is the person behind Historical Italian Cooking / Cucina Italiana Storica, an excellent online resource about ancient and medieval cooking. They have a website, Patreon and YouTube channel, and have published four other books, three of which are from the Middle Ages.


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