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Leading the Rebellion with Jason Kingsley

For the better part of a millennium, people have been applying the tenets of chivalry to their personal lives in order to give themselves moral and ethical targets to tilt at. But what does it look like to apply medieval ideals to the twenty-first century? And what does it mean to walk the walk of knighthood in a high-tech society? This week on The Medieval Podcast, Danièle speaks with CEO and YouTube sensation Jason Kingsley about living a chivalrous life in the modern world.

Jason Kingsley’s new book is Leading the Rebellion: Questing To Succeed In Work and Life. You can also find his YouTube channel, Modern History TV, which has over 140 videos. Click here to go to the channel.


Rebellion Developments Limited was founded by Jason with his brother Chris Kingsley. Some of their titles include Rogue Trooper, Sniper Elite and Evil Genius 2: World Domination. Click here to visit their website.

You can also find Jason on Instagram or X (Twitter).

You can check out Les Reverdies de Montréal at

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Top Image: Photo by Andreas Mahler / Flickr