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Christians and Jews in 13th-century England, with Adrienne Williams Boyarin

One of the things that’s unfortunately true about the Middle Ages is that there was a mistrust of difference, especially when it came to religion. But what caused a lot of anxiety, mistrust, and tension wasn’t always the differences: it was the similarities. This week, Danièle speaks with Adrienne Williams Boyarin about the ways in which Christians and Jews dealt with similarity and difference in thirteenth-century England.

Adrienne Williams Boyarin is an Associate Professor at the University of Victoria. Her research focuses on Christian-Jewish polemics, women’s writings, and medieval religion. You can learn more about Adrienne on her university webpage or follow her on Twitter @AdrienneBoyarin


Adrienne’s latest book is The Christian Jew and the Unmarked Jewess: The Polemics of Sameness in Medieval English Anti-Judaism, which is published by University of Pennsylvania Press.

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Top Image: British Library MS Additional 11639 fol. 114r


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