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The Parthenon mosque, with Elizabeth Key Fowden

A conversation with Elizabeth Key Fowden on the Parthenon mosque and Athens under the Ottomans. When the Parthenon was done being a Christian church (which lasted from the fifth to the fifteenth century), it became a mosque, but little has been written about that phase of its history. Fascinating new sources are now coming to light.

Elizabeth Key Fowden is an Affiliated Researcher at the University of Cambridge. She is writing a book on the topic; for now, see her articles ‘The Parthenon, Pericles and King Solomon: A Case Study of Ottoman Archaeological Imagination in Greece,” in Byzantine and Modern Greek Studies 42 (2018); and ‘The Parthenon Mosque, King Solomon, and the Greek Sages,’ in Ottoman Athens: Archaeology, Topography, History (Athens 2019). Click here to see Elizabeth’s page.


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Top Image: Painting from the 1830s of the Ottoman mosque built in the ruins of the Parthenon, by Pierre Peytier (1793–1864)


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