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The Horde with Marie Favereau

This week, Danièle speaks with Marie Favereau about the myths and truths surrounding the Golden Horde, how nomadic people tend to be misunderstood, and how the Mongol people changed the world.

Marie Favereau is Associate Professor of History at Paris Nanterre University. She has been a member of the French Institute of Oriental Archaeology, a visiting scholar at the Institute for Advanced Study, and a research associate at the University of Oxford for the major project Nomadic Empires.  You can learn more about Marie’s work on or email her at [email protected]


Marie Favereau’s new book is The Horde: How the Mongols Changed the World, published by Harvard University Press. You can purchase it from

See also her article, “How the (Much Maligned) Mongol Horde Helped Create Russian Civilization” in Quillette.

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Top Image: Bibliothèque nationale de France MS Supplément persan 1113, fol. 49


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