Wars of the Roses stamp set now available from Royal Mail

The Royal Mail, which is the United Kingdom’s postal service, has unveiled a set of eight stamps to mark the 550th anniversary of the Battle of Tewkesbury, one of the defining battles of the Wars of the Roses.

All eight stamps are illustrated by Graham Turner, a leading medieval and military artist. They depict eight battles that took place in England between the years 1455 and 1485.


The Royal Mail also worked with historian Dr David Grummitt on the stamps, which can be bought in a Presentation Pack for £12.40.

“The Wars of the Roses fascinated both Shakespeare and historians alike,” says David Gold, Director of Public Affairs and Policy for the Royal Mail. “These striking illustrations bring to life a period of British history that was steeped in drama, betrayal and a quest for power that still enthrals today.”


The individual stamps are:

Battle of Barnet – On Easter Sunday 1471, Edward IV leads his army into battle, defeating and killing Warwick the Kingmaker.

Battle of Bosworth – King Richard III marshals his men before his final, heroic charge on 22 August 1485.

Battle of Edgecote Moor – The Yorkist knight Sir Richard Herbert shows his prowess fighting on the front line against rebel forces on 26 July 1469.

Battle of Northampton – Edward, Earl of March, the future Edward IV, proclaims his loyalty to Henry VI after the Yorkist victory on 10 July 1460.


First Battle of St Albans – On 22 May 1455, the streets of St Albans see the first blows of the Wars of the Roses when the Duke of York and his allies attack the royal party.

Battle of Tewkesbury – Taking place 550 years ago this month, on 4 May 1471, the Yorkist King Edward IV leads his men forward after a failed Lancastrian attack on his flank.

Battle of Towton – On Palm Sunday 1461, the Yorkist archers, using the weather to their advantage, fire volleys of arrows into the advancing Lancastrians.


Battle of Wakefield – On 30 December 1460, the sons of the Lancastrian lords killed at St Albans five years earlier cut down Richard, Duke of York.

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