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New Medieval Books: The Wars of the Roses: The Medieval Art of Graham Turner

The Wars of the Roses: The Medieval Art of Graham Turner

By Graham Turner

Osprey Publishing
ISBN: 9781472847287

An overview of the civil war in 15th-century England, this book showcases the artwork of Graham Turner, a leading modern-day artist who focuses on recreating historical scenes.


That painting was the start of my fascination – perhaps obsession – with the Wars of the Roses, and this book is the culmination of more than a quarter of a century’s research and painting. Over this time there have been discoveries that have added to and altered our collective knowledge and interpretations of the past, as my own knowledge and understanding has continued to grow and evolve. Each painting throws up new questions and challenges, requiring me to gather information about many diverse subjects and to visit sites across the country. My passion even led me into the world of jousting for several years – taking research to the extreme perhaps – and the incredible experiences I gained and will always treasure also helped provide a considerably deeper appreciation of what I’m painting.


Who is this book for?

The chief reason to get this book would be to able to look through the artwork of Graham Turner – of which there are more than 120 pieces here – which on its own has made a significant contribution to present-day views on medieval history. Many people love his realistic and well-researched art, so having a book like this is a treat for his fans.

About the artist/writer

Graham Turner followed his father into being an artist, and over the last few decades has gained acclaim for his depictions of the Middle Ages, particularly the Wars of the Roses. Learn more about Graham through his studio website or Facebook page.


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