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Random Medieval Questions Answered

This week, Danièle reveals the answers to some questions asked by authors taking her Medieval Masterclass for Creators, including such varied topics as breastfeeding, shaving in the army, and how long it takes to make an arrowhead.

Among the questions answered in this episode are: Which people used last names, and which only used their first names? Were fairs cancelled during the Black Death and other plagues? What kind of jewellery did peasants wear? Can you shoot into an arrow slit (from really far away)?


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To learn more about mourning periods, check out The Profession of Widowhood, by Katherine Clark Walter.

For more about breastfeeding in the Middle Ages, please see “Salaried Mothers: Breastfeeding and Rearing Infants in the Kingdom of Aragon,” by María del Carmen García Herrero and Cristina Pérez Galán.

The website Medieval Arrrows will be your source to get historical replicas of arrows. See also this video: 5 Minute Blacksmithing Challenge


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Top Image: British Library MS Sloane 2435  fol. 85r


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