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Going Medieval in Dungeons & Dragons

This week, Danièle starts the new year with a fun episode exploring how real history can be used to add challenges to your Dungeons & Dragons games. (If you’re not into D&D, don’t worry – there’s lots of quirky information for history lovers of all stripes!)

Some of the advice for Dungeon Masters in this episode will include:

  • What would a medieval wizard look like?
  • What are paladins?
  • Exploring the medieval city for items
  • Can you make your own arrows?
  • All the stuff you really need and how to carry it
  • Traps and tricks
  • Rogues and medieval locks
  • Hoards
  • Otherworld peoples like elves and fairies

The host of The Medieval Podcast is Danièle Cybulskie. Click here to visit her website or follow her on Twitter @5MinMedievalist


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