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From India to Byzantium, with Paroma Chatterjee

A conversation with Paroma Chatterjee on Indian perspectives and approaches to Byzantium. What we might be taking for granted in a field whose appeal has been traditionally limited to Europe and its offshoots? What might a global (as opposed to “ecumenical”) Byzantium look like? This is the first in what I hope will be a number of conversations.

Paroma Chatterjee is an Associate Professor at the University of Michigan, where she focuses her research on artistic encounters in the medieval Mediterranean, including Byzantine relics, icons and sculpture. You can learn more about her work on or on her university web page.


See also her article “Hagia Sophia has been converted back into a mosque, but the veiling of its figural icons is not a Muslim tradition” in The Conversation.

Byzantium & Friends is hosted by Anthony Kaldellis, Professor and Chair of the Department of Classics at The Ohio State University. You can follow him on his personal website.

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Top Image: Geographia by Ptolemy, Typus Orbis Universalis, 1540


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