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The power and journeys of the True Cross and other holy relics, with Lynn Jones

A conversation with Lynn Jones on how fragments of the True Cross were requested, gifted, traveled, repatriated, abducted, and returned in the early Byzantine period; how they were used to validate rival claims to power; and the anxiety caused by doubts over their authenticity.

Lynn Jones is an Associate Professor at Florida State University, where she specializes in the Byzantine Empire, the kingdoms of Armenia and Georgia, and the Islamic Caliphates. The conversation is based on a number of Lynn’s publications, especially ‘Perceptions of Byzantium: Radegund of Poitiers and Relics of the True Cross,’ in L. Jones, ed., Byzantine Images and their Afterlives: Essays in Honor of Annemarie Weyl Carr (Ashgate 2014) 105-125. You can learn more about Lynn’s work on her university webpage or on her page.

The Cross of Justin II, with a piece of the True Cross. Photo by Gfawkes05 / Wikimedia Commons

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Top Image: Radegund under Clothaire’s bed. Vie de sainte Radegonde – BM Poitiers Ms.250


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