Race, Racism, and Teaching the Middle Ages

Race, Racism, and Teaching the Middle Ages

A Medieval Academy of America Webinar

Recorded on July 20, 2020

This special webinar was hosted by the Medieval Academy of America, and examines issues related to race and racism and how the Middle Ages is taught in universities and colleges. The speakers are:

“The Hidden Syllabus,” by Hussein Fancy (University of Michigan)

“Diversifying Your Teachings with/in Special Collections,” by Sara Powell (Houghton Library, Harvard University)

“Sipping from Your Cup ‘til It Runneth Over: Teaching Hip-Hop and the Holy Grail,” by Richard Sévère (Valparaiso University)


“Violence and Migration in the Mabinogion,” by Nahir Otaño Gracia (University of New Mexico)

Moderated by Afrodesia McCannon (New York University)

Here are some selected tweets that went out dealing with the webinar:

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Top Image: British Library MS Egerton 943 fol. 117


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