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Queens of Infamy with Anne Thériault

In this first episode of 2020, Danièle connects with Anne Thériault, author of Longreads’ Queens of Infamy series, to talk about some of her favourite queens, saints, and foxes, and what it’s like to write infamous history on the internet in 2020.

You can read Anne’s Queens of Infamy series on Longreads. You can also read her articles “Geel, Belgium has a radical approach to mental illness” from Broadview and  “How a Seventh-Century Irish Princess Got Me Back On a Plane” from The Walrus, and support her writings on Patreon. You can follow Anne on Instagram and Twitter @anne_theriault


If you are interested in the other Joanna of Naples, please check out Nancy Goldstone’s book The Lady Queen: The Notorious Reign of Joanna I, Queen of Naples, Jerusalem, and Sicily

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Top Image: Folio 028v from the Psalter of Eleanor of Aquitaine (ca. 1185) from the collection of the National Library of the Netherlands. The illumination shows Donor portrait – A noble lady kneeling.




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