Norwich Castle: Gateway to Medieval England

Norwich Castle: Gateway to Medieval England

Paper by Andrew Ferrara

Given at the Society for Museum Archaeology Conference, on November 7, 2019

Norwich Castle Museum and Art Gallery is currently in the process of delivering a NLHF funded redevelopment of the medieval castle spaces. This will result in the representation of the historical interiors of the 12th century keep on one floor and a British Museum partnership gallery exploring the medieval period (11th to 16th century) on another. Within the project development, the narratives in the medieval gallery are being approached thematically within the chronological period, dividing the display space into Those Who Work, Those Who Pray and Those Who Fight. The methodology behind this approach was to use a digestible social structuring, rooted within a contemporary historical understanding, which could provide a framework for exploring the intricacies and nuances of medieval society and how it changed over five centuries. Underlying the approach to the museum display was the opportunity to highlight the extensive archaeological collections of the Norfolk Museum Service, both excavated material and objects traditionally approached from an aesthetic art historical perspective, and showcase the research and scientific analysis underpinning current scholarship.

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Andrew Ferrara is Project Curator at Norwich Castle Museum and Art Gallery. In addition to his role as Project Curator at Norwich Castle Museum, he is undertaking a part-time PhD in Archaeology at Durham University.

Top Image: Photo by Draco2008 / Wikimedia Commons