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Christine de Pizan

She’s said to be the first professional female author, a champion of women, and the builder of The City of Ladies. She was also one of the most popular writers of the fifteenth century, despite virtually disappearing until the twentieth. This week, Danièle explores the life and writings of one of the most outspoken women of the Middle Ages: Christine de Pizan.

You can find several translations of Christine de Pizan’s works, including:

The Selected Writings of Christine de Pizan

Book of the City of Ladies

The Book of the City of Ladies and Other Writings

Christine de Pizan: The Book of the Mutability of Fortune

See also the website for the International Christine de Pizan Society and The Making of the Queen’s Manuscript from Edinburgh University Library


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Top Image: Christine depicted in British Library MS Harley 4431, f.259v.