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Understanding medieval chronicles with Lane Sobehrad

During the medieval period, there was a lot of interest in writing down what was going on in the world for the sake of future generations, but there’s one massive problem with medieval chronicles: people didn’t approach history in the Middle Ages the way we do today. This week, Danièle speaks with Dr. Lane Sobehrad about how medieval people wrote history, and how historians today can do their part to help future generations through outreach.

Lane J. Sobehrad is Programs Manager in the College of Education at Texas Tech University and his academic work focuses on medieval chronicles. You can read his PhD dissertation ‘The past in prologues: The origins, form, and function of introductory material in medieval English historical works’ from Texas Tech University.


See also his article ‘Isabelle of Angoulême: Jezebel of the Middle Ages?

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Top Image: Unfinished illuminated initial ‘N'(octiam) with a drawing of a seated man (possibly Bede) writing at the desk holding a quill and a knife. British Library MS Arundel 74   f. 2v