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The Crusades with Andrew Latham

Episode 4 of The Medieval Podcast – The Crusades were a phenomenon that had profound consequences for Europe and the Middle East. Why did they begin and how did they evolve? Danièle is joined by Andrew Latham of Macalester College to talk about the Crusades, including Richard the Lionheart’s strategy during the Third Crusade.

Andrew Latham is an Associate Professor at Department of Political Science in Macalester College – click here to visit his university webpage.


He is also the author of Theorizing Medieval Geopolitics and The Idea of Sovereignty at the Turn of the Fourteenth Century, as well as the novel The Holy Lance. Click here to visit his personal website or follow him on Twitter @aalatham

His column, Medieval Geopolitics is here on Click here to read his articles.

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The host of The Medieval Podcast is Danièle Cybulskie. Click here to visit her website or follow her on Twitter @5MinMedievalist

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