Want a new Medieval LEGO kit? Vote now!

Here at, we support all kinds of medieval endeavors including Kickstarter campaigns, movie productions, and now LEGO Ideas! Ben Pitchford contacted us through our Facebook page and shared his delightful Watermill inspired by medieval architecture. Now he wants the design to be considered by LEGO, and he needs YOUR votes! Keep reading for his description of the project…


Ben writes:

“The LEGO Ideas Page is a community based website that allows users to submit ideas that could potentially be produced and sold as official LEGO sets. If a project reaches 10,000 votes or supporters it will enter a review stage. Here LEGO carefully reviews every aspect of the proposal and either passes or rejects the proposal. If the proposal passes the test it will be later developed and sold as an official LEGO set. It’s a long journey to gain 10,000 supporters and why we need your vote!


“The Medieval Watermill is actually a small part of a much larger project for a Lego show in June (Brickworld Chicago) that I attended the last 2 years with my wife and children. I’m designing/building a massive Robin Hood diorama with Sherwood forest, the village of Nottingham, and Nottingham Castle. Of course everything will look medieval style!  My 5 and 6 year old children love the Disney classic and it’s one of my favorites as a child so it was an obvious pick to recreate in the brick form.

“I’m also a big fan of anything medieval like castles, knights, the old dilapidated buildings, feudalism and their way of life. It’s definitely challenging to replicate this architectural style using LEGO. The large diorama will feature several other medieval style buildings in the village including a cottage, blacksmith shop, and windmill. I found my inspiration for the watermill on google images. The watermill has a power functions motor and battery box housed within the build to give the mill motion.


benpitchford_legowatermill-2After building the watermill I thought it might be worth posting this on the LEGO Ideas website because there are a lot of adult fans of Lego who would be interested in building more challenging sets that look like this.”

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