The Battle of Maldon: The Lego Version

The Battle of Maldon: The Lego Version

Director and narrated by David Waugh of DTG Productions, it retells The Battle of Maldon, an Anglo-Saxon poem that describes a battle that took place on 10 August 991 near Maldon beside the River Blackwater in Essex, England. The film is in English with Old English subtitles. David Waugh explains, “While I debated at length as to whether the film should be produced in the epic poem’s original Old English, in the end it was decided that accessibility was paramount. Our film is to act as a gateway of sorts, a means by which to introduce the layman to pre-Conquest literature. To this end we effected a minimal amount of editing, in an effort to provide an authentic impression of the genre. For those interested, we also provided a version including subtitles from the original poem.”

Click here to see the version without subtitles

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