Popular Politics and Public Opinion in Late Medieval Paris

Popular Politics and Public Opinion in Late Medieval Paris

Lecture by Michael Sizer

Given at the Library of Congress on July 14, 2016

Michael Sizer discusses the popular politics of late medieval Paris (1380-1422) and what bearing it may have on the way we understand popular political culture today. The late Middle Ages was one of the most tumultuous periods in European political history, featuring revolts, riots, popular preachers, processions, and other engagements of the people in the political realm that was “unheard of in previous times” according to one chronicler of the period.

Michael Sizer is a historian with interests in political culture and philosophy, cultural history, interdisciplinary studies of literature and ideas, urban history, and the history of revolt and revolution. He received his Ph.D. in medieval French history from the University of Minnesota in 2008, and during his graduate studies he was also a fellow at the Sorbonne in Paris. Click here to view his page.

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