That Other Battle of 1066 – Commemorating the 950th Anniversary of Stamford Bridge

The JORVIK Viking Centre will be hosting for a special walking tour of the battlefield at Stamford Bridge, just outside of York.

Explore a key battlesite this September - Photo courtesy JORVIK Viking Centre
Explore a key battlesite this September – Photo courtesy JORVIK Viking Centre

1066 will always be remembered as the moment in English history when the Normans invaded and conquered the Anglo Saxons at the Battle of Hastings. However, what is forgotten is that the same year saw another invasion from the North; from the Vikings of Norway, and it this relatively unknown event that is explored by JORVIK Viking Centre this September, with a walking tour of the site on the very anniversary of the battle.


Sarah Maltby, director of attractions for York Archaeological Trust, commented “While William the Conqueror was readying his troops across the channel, the Nose armies of King Harald Hardrada had already arrived in England and were causing havoc for the new English king, Harold Godwinson. This was really the last major Viking invasion to the British Isles and is a fascinating moment in our nation’s history.”

The walking tour, which takes place on September 25th, will take participants back in time to re-live this famous and bloody battle, recounting tales of the strength and cunning tactics.


“There is one story from the day that the entire English army was kept at bay by one giant Norwegian soldier,” added Maltby, “swinging a mighty Dane Axe – which must have a terrifying sight! It’s these accounts that really bring the day to life and we look forward to welcoming people along to Stamford Bridge and exploring this Viking battlefield with them”

The JORVIK Viking Centre will be reopening to the public in spring 2017, after it was forced to close after sustaining major flood damage last December.

The 950th Anniversary Stamford Bridge Battlefield Walk will take place on Sunday 25th September at 10:30am, meeting at the Shallows Car Park, Stamford Bridge. Tickets are £4.50 for adults and £3.50 concessions and must be pre-booked in advance by calling 01904 615505 or booked online at

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