Walking Tour of the Battle of Stamford Bridge

The JORVIK Group invites visitors to join them on a walking tour of Stamford Bridge, where one of the decisive battles of 1066 took place.

Battle of Stamford Bridge - Wilhelm Wetlesen: Illustration for Harald Hardraada saga, Heimskringla 1899-edition

1066 marked a turning point in the history of England; most will remember it as the year of the Battle of Hastings; the victory of William the Conqueror and the defeat of the Anglo-Saxons. However up North, just a few weeks before, another battle heralded the end of the Viking Age in England.


In commemoration of this pivotal moment in history, The JORVIK Group, the operators of the famous JORVIK Viking Centre, are leading a guided tour of the battlefield of Stamford Bridge.

“Visitors to JORVIK have journeyed through our Viking streets for 31 years now, but many may not realise the incredible Viking history that lies just outside the city,” says Sarah Maltby, director of attractions for York Archaeological Trust, the owners of The JORVIK Group. “The Battle of Stamford Bridge marks one of the key events in English history; where the Vikings, led by King Harald Hardrada, fought to the bitter end against the Anglo-Saxon forces of Harold Godwinson.”


Visitors to the site will be led by a battlefield expert, who will discuss the events leading up to the Battle of Stamford Bridge, along with the brutal details and the stories that surround this historic location.

Sarah adds, “One popular legend from the battle is that a lone Viking warrior stood his ground and is said to have kept the entire opposing army at bay. Even though the battle was a defeat for the Vikings, the stories that surround it show that they were true warriors until the end. It’s this reputation that makes them such a popular subject of history, and visitors to the battlefield can discover, first-hand, the truth behind the last moments of the Viking Age in England.”

The Stamford Bridge Battlefield Walk takes place on the 26th September at 10:30am, a day after the battle would have taken place in 1066, and starts at Shallows Car Park, Stamford Bridge. Tickets are £4.50 for adult and £3.50 for concessions. For more information and to book your place, visit or call 01904 615505.